Friday, June 27, 2008

crazy erasers!

Holy cow! i just had a crazy eraser fight! we were in a fast food restaurant for breakfast and i suddenly noticed that there were one too many male models in here. I decided it was time to leave. I went for the door the same time as an eraser, and he caught sight of my eyes. Whoopsies, forgot about those! He started changing and so did the rest of them! Serpent was flipping out in my bag, so i put her on the ground. she enlarged and i crouched, ready to smash my body against anyone that came near me. One of the erasers spoke into a phone, "got one." He put the phone away and shot me a wolfy grin, " you ready to go back to school, kids?" I snarled, bearing my fangs. "in your dreams, dog boy." It was like someone pushed a button. We all moved at once. Serpent smashed with her tail and bit anything within range. The erasers attacked. I felt their rage, aggression, and hate they felt for me. I decided to use that against them. As I dodged, kicked, punched and jumped, i talked to them. taunting them, edging them on. I was just playing with them, tiring them out. I used there weight and size against them, leaving them uncoordinated and confused. I taunted them, "You tired yet? all the others are getting in your way, aren't they? what would happen if i stopped playing games and took them all out? what would you do then? You would know that i could take you. you should give up, your losing anyway!" Serpent had taken out more than half already. I decided to give her a break. I jumped on their backs, pulling their ears, poking their eyes, using my legs to hold their arms down. I snapped necks, broke arms, shattered skulls. One was left, and i smiled at him. He was the one who wanted to take me out alone. I smiled, "what are you going to do now, hot shot?" he lunged and i jumped. i don't know how i did it, but i jumped over him! I jumped again and kicked him in the head. he growled and tried to run. He turned to see a twenty foot long Serpent staring at him! I yelled at him, "run, Sparky, run!" He tried to get over Serpent so she snapped at him. He whimpered! not the normal kind, but the sound a puppy makes when you hit it! he ran away with his tail between his legs! It was so awesome! Serpent started shaking so i jumped on her. I held her down as she thrashed and slowly came to her normal size. She curled up my arm and i brushed myself off. I looked up to see about 40 people staring wide eyed at us from outside the CLEAR GLASS WALLS! how could i have been so stupid? camera's were flashing and I could here police cars coming. i grabbed my bag and took off my hoodie, revealing my black tank top with wing slits. people gasped as my wings stretched to their full length. I whispered to serpent, "brace yourself."I ran at top speed across the counter and crashed through a window. glass showered onto the people below as i took flight. I heard the police below. "this is the police! come down or we will shoot!" I laughed, "you can try!" They started fireing. the bullets hit me, but they had no effect. I covered serpent with my other arm, because she was not bullet proof. This wasn't good. Now the media was involved. I flew as high a s i could go and hovered as i put serpent in the back pack. I set her up with the ipod so she wouldn't get bored. I flew as far as i could go without needing a break.I landed in a park a few hours later. Serpent wanted to slither around so i let her as a sat on a bench. I took out my laptop and started blogging.

And so we come to a full circle. Oh, while serpent was in the backpack, she asked how babies are made. i hesitated, but she really wanted to know...... all she said was 'eeeeewwwww!' until i said she could blog on the ipod. i think her post is up already..... yup, it is.the computer says its 2:30, but its really 5:30. We need to move and serpent wants to blog again. I need to set up the laptop in the backpack so she can. I strap it in then tilt the screen until its completely strait so she can type and see.goodbye.

a very tired Nameless

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