Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today, Serpent and I went to the beach! thats all we did! beach, swimming, sand castles, beach combing, beach, look for real estate, more beach, and a little bit more beach!!

Some of the seagulls are very interesting! i was talking to one who had been to mexico! I want to go there, but Serpent doesn't want to. She said it's because of the rattle snakes, which i think is ironic. I mean, she is a snake! their like her distant cousins or something! you can ask her about that one.

i found a shell and a piece of string, so now i have a bracelet! its really nice! it hurts a bit, but whatever.

We 'borrowed' another card today. Okey, we stole it. Its a bank card this time. WE got subway as soon as we got it though. Its reeeeeeaaaaaally good! We didn't know what we would want, so we got one of every kind of sub with everything on them! we ate them all, but i liked the turkey bacon best!

I also got some music on Serpent and I's pages. You can see what kind of music we like and listen to some. Also, there are counters on top of the page. check those new features out and get your own!goodbye.



feather said...

The counter... I just Googled "free hit counter" and found a site to supply the html code...

Echo said...

I think you should just pick the one name that you feel suits you. A word that you love, or maybe if one of those names really stands out. It's really up to you and how you think the name would fit your personality