Tuesday, June 17, 2008


hello world. i am nameless.i am a recombinant DNA experiment on the run. my only companion is another experiment in a snake body. i call her Serpent. she can change her size at will and can communicate with me through her mind.You can read more about her in the 'About Serpent' section on the sidebar.

now, about me. I was born around 1991(ish). You know Omega from the Maximum ride books, right? I was Omega for about 5 years. that was my name. i was the most successful experiment ever created. people were proud of me, i was treated well, i did not sleep in a dog crate. Then i was ruined. i was put against some telekinetic beast that was my downfall. he was no match for me and he knew it. so he used his entire life force to attack my mind. he died, as did the entire right side of my brain. i lived in a coma for two years.

during those two years, HE came along. the better known Omega. he was better than me. by the time he was 6, they had started thinking about what they would do with me. i was no longer the best. i was just an 11 year old failure in a dog crate. I was no longer Omega, i was the Failure.

after two years of this, they thought (wrongly) that the best answer was to terminate me, along with some other failures they wanted to rid themselves of. i waited with them, knowing what was to come. I heard a small voice in my head:
"we must break out, freind."
that voice scared me, and i soon found who it came from. Serpent had analyzed the brains of everyone in this room, and i seemed to be the best person to work with. we escaped eventually and have been together ever since.

so thats it. i have no name, i have a freind, i have no pain receptors, and i have a blog. thats it. enjoy it.


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