Sunday, June 22, 2008

thinks that make you say hmmm

well, i found out what kind of bird my wings are from. Its a bird called a Lanner Falcon. Here`s a picture:
their almost like that but mine have black instead of brown in the inside feathers. And on the outside, there are reddish brown specks.

next area of business. We have an Ipod! Serpent convinced me to buy one of those fancy touch screen ones. On request, i got a purple skin for it. i`m just hooking it up to my laptop right now.

she bought it for me!

I`m trying to make her drop the whole school thing. I thought that the ipod would take her mind off it.

I`m sssstill sssstuck on the sssschool idea!

I really wish you wouldn`t. Lets just stop fighting on my blog, okey?
I tried to show you a picture of my eyes. I couldn`t find one, but i made one!
Its not that good, because serpent and I made it on paint. My eyes don`t look that odd, but they do when I draw them!

I guess i seriously have to consider the whole school thing. I would have to sign up this summer. I would have to do allot of planning and stuff.


we might have to risk getting another credit card.

I`ll do it!!!!!

We would need a house....


I would need a pretty good story....

Your only family is your grandma who is too sick to leave the house!

I guess we could try it....


I`ll tell you tomorrow.

ssssstaller! I`m done talking to you until you answer me!

fine. I have to go anyway. need to get food, a place to sleep. the norm. any way, goodbye.


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XLsunshine said...

I Like those birds. they live near my house. that eye is sooo creepy!