Monday, June 23, 2008


I found out how to do this whole school thing with out looking out of the ordinary. What i mean is, i can pick a school, by searching on my ipod!

my ipod

right, serpents Ipod. Any way, I can look for schools and houses around them. I think i'll get a house in the next town and take a bus there.

we're going to sssschool!Yesss!

I did not say that! im considering it!

But you will ssssay yesss!

I might..

you will!!!!

I'll tell you tomorrow.

you ssssaid that yesssterday!



i guess we could.

Wooo hoooooo!!

thats not a yes!

It issss now!



what the heck?

i'm done. (yessss!)

you, done talking.

fine. :D

good gosh, i'm going to a school. well, better pick one.

I should go shut Serpent up. it feel like she's doing some sort of dance in my back pack. Shes having a hissing spasm, too. Goodbye.


And a VERY happy SSSSSerpent!!

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XLsunshine said...

Thats called an ipod touch. I have one with a pink skin.