Tuesday, June 17, 2008

what i've got

power wise:
-super speed
-super strength
-can sense peoples emotions
-can sense relationships
-can play any instrument
-amazing sense of direction
-photographic memory

possession wise:
my backpack and all its contents
-some persons credit card
-maximum ride books
-57$ worth of change
-an ipod
-a pair of shorts
-2 shirts
-a hairbrush
-a notebook
-some sharpies

you can give me suggestions on that

appearance wise:
-long, black hair
-completely black eyes
-15 foot wings
-about 6, 1'
-black tank top
-jean shorts
-running shoes
-4 fangs


1 comment:

XLsunshine said...

can you sense my emotions right now, or is that only in person?