Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hair cut? MANICURE???MASSAGE?!?! yay, massage!

well, i got my hair cut. and guess what happened! i was their hundred thousandth customer of something, so i got a free manicure and massage! the manicure was OK, i guess. I like my nails, though! they're black with white birds on them! The massage person was really stupid! I told her that the wings were for a role in a play, so i can't take them off. she believed it! Serpent analyzed her mind and found out that she was really gullible! It felt sooooo good! when Petsmart opens, Serpent is going to get pampered while i look for a cream or something for my wings. they've been really itchy since the massage.

i'll show you what my hair sort of looks like. I found the pictur on the internet, because i don't have a camera.thats basically it, but the blond part it more white. I like my hair.

if you get to dye your hair, i get to usssse nail polish on my tail!

no means no, serpent!

but thatsssss not fair!

yes it is. your going to Petsmart today.


they will polish your scales and clean your fangs and massage your tail and feed you and pamper you until you fall over.

oh! that ssssounds fun!


Can we live ssssomewhere on a ssssnowy hill?


we could sssski to sssschool every day!

no, i would ski to school everyday! i don't even know how to ski!

we could learn!

i don't think so.

can i have a blog then?

maybe! Its not a definite answer though!

when are we going to Petsssssmart?

at 11:00.

why not now?

its not open!

oh. can i sssee my ipod?

sure. anyway, today its just a fun day! You other recombinant DNA experiments should try it! We have to go, our bus comes in a few minutes.


yeah, we need to get to Petsmart somehow.

why can't we fly?

fly into Petsmart? no way! Goodbye!


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