Tuesday, July 1, 2008

we're back with more!

well, some of you may have noticed that we were gone for 4 days.That was because we went on a rescue mission! when we were flying, Serpent found out that we were near a Itex branch. this was the branch where Serpent spent the first 5 years of her life. Their was someone there that she wanted to rescue. at the time i couldn't tell. I thought it was her brother, or friend, or boyfriend or something. Turns out it was her boyfriend, another hybrid in a snake's body. we busted him out! I now present to you, Shayde!


Shayde, I'm presenting you to the world. say something other than 'what?'!

~why do i need to be presented?~

because, it's a blog. You must be presented in this fashion.

~oh... Umm, Hello. I'm umm, Shayde and I, uhhhh... have been in the ummmm, same place for .... 8 years of my life. can i go now?~

yeah, Shayde. Shayde talks and can blend in with his surroundings. He can also mimic any sound or voice he hears. For appearance, he looks like a black rattle snake with spikes from his head to his tail. his eyes look human, except that the iris is red.

maybe he can have his own blog!

~uhhh... maybe later.~

OK, maybe later!bye!




Radar said...

Shayde? Can you mimic Silence and make him snap? Please?

Nameless said...

mimic silence doing what?


M said...

Glad you're back! We were getting worried!