Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sorry, unbelievably busy

I'm really sorry for not posting for over a month! We've just been so busy! I've had to pretend to be a mom for a bit and it is seriously stressful. Every time someone gets into a fight, or their grades go down, or their teachers are concerned about something, I have to put on my 'mom' charade and go to talk to the teachers. You would think that going through The School would make this easier, but it's made those kids so... so... weird. Vision accidentally finds things out about people that she isn't supposed to know, Guardian has the shortest temper known to man, Demon has been getting bad grades, Shark's teachers think that he has some super dehydration thing, Robber turns out to be super shy, shooter nearly killed someone, and Sue's being teased because she wears really baggy clothes all the time. Here's details:
Vision keeps answering some peoples thoughts instead of their words. this freaks people out.
Guardian will grind anyone to a pulp if they say something she doesn't like.
Demon has trouble staying focused in class and is getting grades in the high 50's.
Shark has to leave class allot to chug 2 litre bottles of water so he can prevent drying out during school.
Robber hasn't really made that many freinds.
Shooter is still not aware of his own strength and he was playing tag. you can figuer out what happened.
Sue has to wear realy baggy clothes so no one sees her tail or scaly hands. Kids think that she is really fat under her baggy clothes and she gets teased.

sigh... I have to go now. Guardian is at school becuase she had boxing (the gym teacher thinks it helps minimize her temper. It doesn't.) and then she had to do detention. Demon is at school gettign help with his Math homework. on mondays and wednesdays, he gets math help. on tuesdays and thrusdays, he gets english help, and on friday he has nothing.

once i pick those two up, i have to finish supper,so bye!


Friday, February 6, 2009

shooter's POV

helo, i am shooter and i am goin to skool 4 the firt tym. i am 6 and i have to chang mi nam so no 1 wood think that i was not normul. my nu nam is adreean and namlis got me sum cars and gams and me and su pla with them alot. i think that i shood go naow becas su fund a fun sho on teevee. by.shooter

robber's POV

hi, im Robber and i really don't like school. i have to stay the same all the time and i cant change how i look allot. only when im at home. i cant even have my name at school. i have to be Robert david Rider. but people call me rob and thats kind of like a short type of robber, so its not as bad. i look normal though when i want to and Nameless got me an ipod shuffle so i look even more normal. i can't be really normal becuase i dont show up in photos. thats part of my powers. i can't show up clearly on any type of camera, so it comes out as a smudge. but i only have to get my picture take once for school for the year book thing and if its smudgy they wont put it in. i feel really normal when i get reses and i eat with some of my freinds at lunch. i'm good at my homework too. Vision says that i can't go tot eh next grade if i don't do my homework well so i do it evry night and get demon to check it. i have to go becuase i am really hungry and i want a snack. bye.



hey guys. Its nameless. sorry we had to stop after shark the other day, but the younger kids had to go to bed. now they have finished their homework and are ready for their turn. here comes Robber, Shooter, and Sue!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Demon's POV

um.. hi. I'm demon. I was told that everyone has to do one of these things so here i go. I was made to protect Vision, like Guardian. I'm like Guardian but not as good at fighting, less aggressive and i have wings. they're like bat wings, so they are more like having another set of arms. i can manipulate them better and hold stuff with them, but they aren't as strong or as fast as Nameless. We had to get new names for school and i let vision pick mine. i didn't really care, as long as it wasn't Angel or Tristan like she picked first. I'm pretty good with stuff like that, but my name will not be angel or Tristan. She settled on Jackson Wyatt Rider. Guardian said that i should tell people not to call me jack because she had a bad experience with someone named jack.

Class wise, i have tech, English, science and math. Nameless made my schedule in that order because it would seem weird if we all had the same classes. i couldn't take gym because the gym uniform wouldn't hide my wings, and I'm allot stronger than a normal guy my age. i hang out with a few guys i have classes with, but i mainly hang out with Vision and Guardian.

nameless got us ipods and books and thing, and let us get some extra clothes, so that's good. i think i have to go now because it's supper time now and if i don't get there soon, it'll all be gone.


Guardian's POV

hey, I'm Guardian. i was told that i was supposed to tell you about school and stuff. lets see, my name is Guardian, but on my school record it says that my name is Makayla Elizabeth Rider. I just like Mack though. I guess i should tell you a bit about me. i was made to protect Vision, she was my top priority since she was born. she wasn't much when it comes to attack and defense, so i got every thing she didn't. I'm strong, fast, good at fighting, smart, and i try to be with her as much as possible. I know that i don't have to do that now, but it's my life style, hobby, habit, passion. physically, I'm probably second to no one but nameless. my partner is demon, as he was created for the same purpose. him, Vision and I are a package deal.

i tried to take all the same classes as vision, but it's better for our cover if i don't have gym. when she has gym, i have art, and then were together for the rest of the day. "mom" made sure that we got the classes she thought we needed most, and the ones we wanted. she insisted on math and English, and vision insisted science. Vision has already made friends with absolutly everyone, and i just hang out with whoever she hangs out with. homework sucks, so i don't do it. i only do art homework, because it's fun.

i guess nameless has gotten more money or something, because we got ipods, books, and we got to go clothes shopping. me, Vision, and Serpent went off and it was good. Visions says that everyone else needs a turn so I'll wrap this up now.


vision's POV

hellooo everyone! I, Vision, have successfully survived the first 5 days of high school! i got to pick my classes because this was the second semester. just give them a few fake report cards and a talk with "mom" and suddenly i passed grade nine academic geography, religion, french, and tech! now i have gym, English, math and science. hear this, my school is so big that we have 3 lunches! i'm the only one aloud to take gym because:
a) i am not abnormally strong, or fast
b)i do not have wings
c)physically, i am complety normal

actually, at school, i am not vision. we got to pick our names to an extent, so i am Isabella Johanna Rider! I tell people to call me Izzy because that is a very cool name, doncha think? I do! i don't like homework though, no matter how cool me new name is. it is very boring. i only do some becuase i don't like soing the same thing over andover again, and some of the answers are at the back of the book.

outside of school, nameless is getting some extra money to buy some extra stuff! we each got a certain amount of money and then we all went shopping for clothes. me, Guardian, and Serpent went togethor, demon, Shayde and shark went togethor, and Nameless took the little kids. she also baught us all ipods! not real ipods, just the little shuffles, but still! the younger kids got some toys and books, and the bigger kids got some baord games and books. life is good!! well, i have to get off now because evryone else wants a turn and it's going to be supper soon! bye!

AKA, Isabella johanna Rider
AAKA, Izzy