Tuesday, June 17, 2008

what i did yesterday and today

i was walking down the street with Serpent wrapped around my arm. some kid came up to me and said "Wow! your snake is so cool! can i touch it? is it poison? where'd ya get it, huh?"

i raised my eyebrow, "no, yes, and not telling you. please step away from me."

the boy frowned and said, " if you don't be nice, im gonna hurt you!"

i smiled, (so did Serpent, but you cant really tell) "i would enjoy seeing you try."

he growled and punched me in the gut. i should have knocked me over, but i am not exactly human so i didn't even move. he grabbed his hand and started crying. "look, stupid you gived me a bruise!"

i gave him an all-fangs smile and said "you can't break steel!" I walked away.

Thats a possssible name for you.

what is?


oh, okey. that makes sense. i'll add it to my list of possible names.

anyway, when the kid ran away, he dropped his barely used notebook. i ripped the first few pages out and now i write in it. i wrote Serpent and I's conversation in a cafe, in there. today, i did nothing but fight. we were attacked 7 times since midnight. i just recently popped my shoulder back in place and Serpent still hasn't gone back to her normal size yet.

just to let you know, the italics is Serpent talking. and i don't sound like i normally do because i am zooming through his. thank goodness for spellcheck! anyway, name ideas are welcome. anything is welcome, really. have to go, Serpents changing back now. she shakes uncomtrolably and if i don't hold her down she's gonna break everything within a 10 metre radious. that was one of her flaws. good bye.


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XLsunshine said...

Steele is someone on American Gladiators!