Friday, June 20, 2008


dear man in the park,

sorry for wrecking your camera. Thank you for asking(no matter how bad your grammar may be) but i do not take pictures. You must understand that when i say "sorry, no.", that means don't take the picture or i will break your camera! i hope you can afford another one.


This is meant for a man in a park, as stated above. I had jumped out of the tree he was walking past and he stopped to stare. I smiled and said, "may i help you, sir?" i guess my wing was showing or something because he just stared at me for a moment.

then he said, "yer one of them bird kids in the newz, ain't you?"

I tried to looked confused, " I don't think so."

he laughed and said, " you is! yer just tryin' to make me go away! can i take yer picture?"

thissss issss where i come in.

Yes, Serpent. you do.

may i tell the sssstory then?

Sure, go ahead.

sssso, i could ssssensssse ssssome tension between the two sssso I sssslithered out of Friend'ssss bag. I looked assss menaccccing assss posssssssible. the man had fear in hissss eyessss, and he back away from usssss. friend ssssays, "ssssorry, no." and jumpssss in the air. the now very ssssscared man tryssss to take picturessss of me any way. sssso Friend kickssss the camera out of hissss handssss and sssssmashesssss it! I hissssed at him and showed my fangsss. He wassss even more sssscared sssso he ran away!

I should add that to my list.




We have to move now. people are looking. most sixteen year olds and their snakes do not blog while sitting in a 7/11. i hope we can find some where to sleep. goodbye.


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XLsunshine said...

I like 7/11. Which 7/11 were you at?