Monday, June 23, 2008


thats sort of me. just make the hair longer and make the wings the way they are supposed to be.

i think i'm going to cut my hair.

sssso do I.

you want to cut your hair? what hair?

no, i want you to cut your hair! it bugssss me.

what? why?

itssss long and alwayssss in the way! Itssss just this huge braid that hitssss me in the head while we're flying!

oh! it hits you? sorry, why didn't you say anything?

becausssse. I thought it wassss rude.

i'll get my hair cut if it makes you happy!

it will, as long assss i get to do ssssomething fun!

like what?

nail polish!

where would you put nail polish?

on my tail!It would be like a tatoo!

ummmm... we'll see.

It could be pink and purple!

we're going now.

It could ssssparkel!


It could be sssstripy!


1 comment:

XLsunshine said...

omigosh!let Serpent paint hr tail! it would be sooo awesome1