Monday, June 23, 2008

what the heck?!?!?!?!?

Some birds were coming near me when i was on a bench. I wanted them to go away and when i tried to say 'go away', it came out as some sort of bird call! they looked at me like i was crazy but then they moved. ONTO THE BENCH! I went to say 'shoo', but out came another bird call! the birds look at me and said, 'can you understand me?' i swear i jumped a foot. its eyes went wide. 'you can! answer me if you can!' i shook my head and said no, but it came out as a skwak! I calmed down a bit when i could speak to Serpent normally when they left.

They came back, and guess what! they want me to be part of their flock! I mean, i can't, can I? I have Serpent, and i can't very well fly with them all the time! im fifty times large than them, and i'm going to school and everything! 'oh- what? but you said- ohhhh. i don't know. I mean serpent would have to-'


no what?

they can't sssstay with ussss.

why not?

they are birdssss, I am a ssssnake! different endssss of the food chain, i can't be tempted like that!

but you eat donaughts and tacos, not birds!

I'm a ssssnake, it's just instinctssss. ssssorry.

oh... but if we get a house, they could have their own room and you could have your and-

no. Unless they live outsssside, no.

maybe they'll live out side! I'll ask them!

they have to see the yard first. so they're just gonna hang with us until then. you think you can handle that until then?


okey, gonna go talk to the birds. goodbye.



XLsunshine said...

Thats sooo awesome!you can talk to birds! are you friends with maximum ride? if you are, can you tell fang i looooove him?

Echo said...

hahahaha yes, thank you for commenting on our lovely song! I/we sing it when we get bored, but the lyrics usually change.


I really like your blog. (I haven't actually had the chance to view it until today so it's come a long way since when you first


Echo said...

I dont think Radar has a chip...she wouldn't let them really get near her when we were at the School. I used to, though.