Monday, July 7, 2008

so tired.... fadeing out...

hello. I am nameless and i have been awake for over 96 hours straight. gosh I'm... *yawn* tired. After we got Shayde, we've been chased nonstop. Erasers, flyboys, rhomboids, humans with guns, Blood hounds (Serpent and Shayde were sooo happy about that!) everything the school could get. i can live with about 2 hours of sleep per day, when i fly nonstop. Right now, my tiredness is equivalent to a human not sleep for about 30 or so hours. Snakes need to sleep at least 10 hours a day so I've been taking the watches. the snakes are spent every day, having to fight whenever we hit the ground. It was actually sort of funny. One time, there were tons of erasers right? well, we were running into a forest and one of the earasers says, "can you see 'em?" and Shayde makes his voice all gruff and eraser-like and shouts, "behind you! they just got in that truck!" they turn and he makes a sound. i don't know how he did it, but it sounded like wings flapping and my voice whispering, "crap, i think they see us!" he made it just the right way so that it sounded that it came from the truck! Gosh, i love that kid.. snake.. thing..

~snake-boy works~

hey! your up!

~its hard to sleep when your typing.~


~its really loud and you do it fast so it makes this odd buzzing noise.~

make said noise, please.


what the heck?!?!? that sounds so weird! is it really that loud? wow!

~why don't you go to sleep? I'll take watch.~

get Serpent up. shes been thrashing all night and changing her size in her sleep. you two can take watch while i sleep.

~can we use the laptop?~

sure. just watch the clock. when its 7:00 am, wake me. i think we have found a house and we need to go check it out. we also need to 'borrow' a few credit cards.

zay wha' ?

Serpent, your taking watch with Shayde.

yeah.. sure..

night guys. goodbye



Anonymous said...

I hope you have a nice rest

Nameless said...

it was a lovely sleep, thank you very much! thank your for a positive comment, unlike SOME PEOPLE. bye


M said...

Glad you're ok!