Monday, July 21, 2008


I.... HAVE.... SLEPT.... IN.... MY.... OWN.... BED!!!! we moved in yesterday but i was too exited to post! last night i brought all the furniture here from where it was hiding, and now were painting! today, we moved the furniture to the center of every room and covered it with plastic. then we went out and bought paint! My bed room is really cool! its all hard wood and its got a HUGE window! it looks down at the pond and its big enough for me to jump out of! the walls are red, the ceiling is yellow, and the door is yellow! the paint is drying so i can't set up my bed and stuff. I'm sure Serpent and Shayde will tell you all about their rooms. anyway, our kitchen is light blue, the mud room is green, and the laundry room is beige. one bathroom is sort of turquoise and the other is violet! Tonight we're sleeping in the living room, because we didn't paint that today. the fumes are toxic if your exposed to it for a while, so i left one room unpainted. i only have water right now and we are ordering pizza for supper. we get three meals today!! i had a shower last night and it felt AMAZING! all i had was soap, but still... it was just awesome and warm and i had a towel and pajamas and a bed and everything! shayde and Serpent had baths, then watched videos on youtube until 10:00. the yard is so pretty! i put up the swings and then found some raspberry bushes by the pond! there are FISH in the pond! sorry if i sound slightly insane right now, but I'm just so EXITED i could BLOW UP!

I'm hungry!

~yeah, me too.~

okey guys, just wait. i ave to go call the pizza place.


we're getting the traditional large cheese-and-pepperoni with a 2l bottle of pepsi! yum... well, i guess i have to stop now, because Shayde and Serpent want to blog.... hey, check out their blogs! they are sad because they aren't getting comments! bye!


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