Monday, July 14, 2008

it is mine now, and there is no taking it back!

we got the house! whoot! we don't actually get it until next week though. we need time to 'empty out our old house'. you won't be seeing much of us because we'll be getting ready! i need to sine up for school and get all my stuff too. Serpent and Shayde want to paint the walls and get matching curtains and stuff... here's a list of furniture we need to buy:

-1 bed
-4 pillows
-3 sets of bed sheets
- couch
-arm chair
-curtains for every room
-book shelf

i also want to get some flowers to put in the front lawn. someone started a garden, but everything in it has died a long time ago. heres a list of thing we have to get:

-cooking stuff

okey. i have to go. bye!



M said...

Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

sounds great hope you get everything you want. have fun.