Saturday, July 12, 2008


well, we've landed. and we found the house... Serpent and Shayde said they think it's cool but.... I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! its so awesome! its got a master bedroom and two small bedrooms, two bathrooms, an ADORABLE kitchen, a beautiful sitting room, a laundry room, a mud room, and.... you guys still haven't heard the best part yet! ITS COMPLETELY OUT OF VIEW! its about an acre of land in the middle of a forest. surrounding the forest are wildlife preserves and the drive way is so long its almost a road itself! i love it! i just need to find some way to buy it. i can't buy it with a stolen credit card or bank card... maybe cash... they aren't asking for much. they just want to be rid of it... they're asking for 100, 000$ and thats real inexpensive! maybe if i gave them 50, 000$ in cash, then gave then monthly payments of 10, 000$....... maybe....

Also, there's a high school about 20k away and its really big. like, big enough that i could fit in. maybe if i got contacts... or forged a doctors note so i could were sunglasses all the time.... but what would be my story? my grandma who was caring for me died and left me a large sum of money. i am sixteen and i can take care of my self pretty well and i.....that works, right? would you believe it if i told you that story? if you didn't know me, i mean. maybe a Brownie Batter Blizzard will help me think.... I'm at a DQ a couple towns away while i think it over.

thats good stuff.

Note to self: -never let Shayde use your straw, he pops holes in it with his fangs.
-or let Serpent have a whole cup of soft ice-cream
-or let them both have 'a little slither round' after there ice-cream

i think its time to move... the waitress is looking at me funny. see you soon.goodbye.



Anonymous said...

Lol, you're hopefully soon to be house sounds really nice, i hope you get it and yeah i'd believe that story about you're gradma.

M said...

Hey, I'm glad you found a place you like! I have one suggestion for you. Why not tell them your grandmother is alive? Technically you're still a minor, and you don't want them to put you into foster care or anything, so make up a guardian and forge her signature is my advice. Hope everything turns out alright!