Tuesday, July 29, 2008

caught the signal!

we got another email while online, so we caught the signal. this email was from "on_theexomegas_trail@hotmail.com" and it said 'Nameless. we have sent our best after you. we can do this the easy way or the hard way. give yourself up to us, and no one else gets involved. On the first of August, make sure you are alone at the end of your drive way. we will find you, and if you do not cooperate, we will take your only friends out of your life. we only want you, Nameless. we don't care what happens to your friends.'. Shayde got the signal and were following it now. we might not be heard from for a while because we don't know where this thing will take us. its moving really fast and it only stops for a few hours. Serpent might be able to blog on the ipod, but that will be about it I'll be flying and Shayde will be trying to keep the signal up.bye.


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M said...


It's past the first of August - what happened?!

Are you all alright?

Do you need help?