Saturday, December 27, 2008

excitment dies down, but not really

we got back early on the 24th. everyone is getting along well, and i think everyone is pretty happy. Shooter and Sue took to each other well and right now they're playing in the snow.

We're having a bit of a problem with Shark. because i flew so high and the winds were bad, he dried up. see, he has shark DNA (hence the name) so he has to have a certain amount of time in the water per day or he dries up. i didn't really know what to do, so i just gave him to Demon. Demon told me to watch just in case something happens and he's not here, then he threw him an the frozen pond! He crashed through and sunk! what kind of a person does that? Demon didn't seemed bothered by the thought that shark was probably freezing and turning blue under there. i guess i had nothing to worry about because Shark hops out, in his frozen, dripping clothes, and looks allot better! he was still pretty dry, but was well enough to go inside and take a bath. he's still pretty dry, so under his clothes, he has bandages soaked is water. every few hours, Demon helps him change them.

Robber's been getting used to his surroundings, which is amusing to watch. he looks at something, feels it with his hands, then changes his whole body to look like it. every morning, he changes himself and says he's something different. today, he says he's a track star.he's tall, skinny, has short red hair and is wearing sweatpants. yesterday, he was harry potter, with black hair, green eyes, scar, jeans, black sweater, and carried a broom around all day. he's smart for a 7-year-old.

Vision has been happy and talking to everyone, getting to know then on a personal level instead of using her special abilities. guardian, of course, is staying by her side and is suspicious of everyone. you can't blame her though, she was born to be that way.

Demon is staying alone for the most part, and mainly just watches everyone and everything. sometimes he talks to shayde, or me. He spends some time with Vision and Guardian, but doesn't say much. when he does talk, he's very quiet and calm. most of the time he only talks when spoken to, and the only time he doesn't is when hes making sure that Shooter, Shark, and Robber don't do anything bad, unsafe, or wander off.

Christmas was good, i had just enough time to buy some gifts for everyone. shayde and sue got a tree, and put it up themselves. they couldn't put it up right because they aren't very tall, and it fell on them a few times. Sue wrapped some bits of ribbon on it and then covered it with glitter, which was messy, but made it look nice.

we had pizza on Christmas, which isn't the traditional Christmas dinner, but we didn't have time for the hole big dinner thing. it was good anyway, and we made a few snowmen after.the kids that needed winter clothes lost their mittens, we had a snowball fight, and it was great.

i have to go now, Sue and shooter are trying to organising a game of hide and seek, which means we'll find everyone except Robber. shark will either be in the bath or the pond, I'll have to be it, sue will hide under the bedsheets, the snakes will hide in the trees, shooter will hide on the roof,and demon will just watch. bye.


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