Thursday, December 11, 2008

alothough I hate to admit it , I, Nameless, am nervous

guys, i have less than two weeks to get myself ready for the big rescue, and we have a huge complication. Because of the wondrous thing i would like to call access to TV and computer, everyone has found out about Christmas. now you probably think that this isn't such a big problem, but for me , it is. Sue, Shayde and Serpent all want to celebrate Christmas. This means that i will either have to leave on Friday instead of Monday, or go the Friday after Christmas. both of these are extremely problematic for me.
Option 1
-not as much time to prepare
-i would have to buy Christmas presents for every single person that could possibly be at the house that day
-not as many days to actually do the rescue

Option 2
-more time to prepare
-i would have to get ready for Christmas and the rescue at the same time
-the rescue would cut into the next week, which is absolutely horrible

i think i might have to go with option 1, unfortunately. on the bright side, i have the van, and a drivers licence. this is very good but-
"NO! Sue, don't empty the bag! that's for the rescue! seriously! if you don't stop, I'm going to come over there and i won't be happy!"

sorry, we had a few technical difficulties in the packing area. i had a back pack that i was packing with some food and things, and Sue liked what she saw. anyway, crap crap crap crap crap. This is unbelievably nerve racking. i have to go paint the van a bit. its an old delivery van, so it has a huge company logo on the side. I'm going to get Sue to help me because she 'lubs painting' and has thumbs. the snakes are sorting a bunch of stuff i bought. i have to go. bye.


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