Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello everyone! it's vision! nameless let me post on her blog! I'm so happy to be here, and everyone is too, except for Guardian, who thinks everyone is out to get me! this house is so cool and me and Guardian get to share a room and nameless is a awesome cook! i want to swim in the pond sooo bad, but the only one who can swin in the pond now is shark. well, i'm sure Nameless and Guardian could swim in it, but Gaurdian wouldn't want to do anythign without me and nameless is too busy.

I guess Nameless is going to sign us up for school on monday. Me, Guardian, and Demon would go to school with Serpent and shayde in our back packs so we all can learn. Sue, Shooter, Shark and Robber would go to a grade school near by. We're going to pretend that Sue is 4 so she can attend.

Our story would be that Nameless is about 22 and she's a Journalist. She adopted me, Sue and Guardian 2 years ago. She adopted the boys this year. wait... no, last year! it was January first yesterday.

anyway, we have this really cool van. nameless fixed it up so that there are three seats in the front, three seats in the middle and three seats in the back. We had to test it out so yesterday, we drove aroudn and Nameless showed us the schools we will go to. Me and Guardian sat in the front and Nameless drove. Demon, Shark and the snakes sat in the middle. Sue, and Shooter had carseats in the bak and Robber sat there too. The schools are really neat.

Guardian and I took over Nameless's Paper route and it works out well. Guardian can run really fast and carry me on her back at the same time, and i have the best aim in the history of forever, so it works out.

I think we need a last name, because there's allot of us and we also need a last name for school and... yeah. so Nameless is letting me make a poll on her blog and we all pick 5 possibilities. Locke, Steele, Ransom, Star and Rider. vote please!BYE!


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