Sunday, December 21, 2008

vision's coming

hey guys, it's shayde. Serpent just emailed me saying they're flying back with Vision and Guardian today. they will stay for a little bit,you know, to eat and drop off their stuff. Vision and guardian will stay here, but serpent has to go with nameless again. she said that she might need help with Shooter, because he's some sort of cyborg toddler. I thought a reptile toddler was bad enough, but now we're getting a cyborg toddler? what the heck is wrong with us?the correct answer is everything.

I guess Guardian was hard and she bruised serpent pretty badly. she's the one that's got all the beef on her, and her sole purpose in life it to make sure that vision is safe. when nameless tackled Vision, Guardian flipped out on her. Serpent had to restrain her until she was chipped. turns out everybody got pretty beat up. well, everybody but nameless of course. I guess vision took biology in high school , so, with the added help of her powers, she found out what was the worst of everyone's injury's.

today, we got a tree. well, sort of, but yeah. i used the axe, to be safe (does not taste good at all) , and then Sue and I brought the tree inside. its kind of crooked because we couldn't get it up right, but it's a nice tree. we did pretty good for a snake and a three-year-old.

I don't think i'll post until nameless get back. if i don't i'll post when she brings Demon and evryone. see ya.


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