Friday, December 19, 2008


Hey guys! it's Serpent! Nameless did some planning and decided that shayde and Sue should stay at the house. so i get to come on the rescue!!! Nameless said she wold need my help pinning down Guardian when we unchip her. Vision would be easy, but Guardian is made to fight. at the house, shayde is trying to find the best way to unchip them, and will eamail us when he finds out. now i'm all alone in the bag though, and Nameless doesn't talk allot when she flys. anyway, i wouldn't be able to hear her becaus eof the wind though. theres actually a huge storm where we're going. like, snow and wind and ice and hail and cold. it's freezing here too, but the weather thing says that there supposed to get 50 cm! so we bundled up. well, i did anyway. nameless is in her usual Jeans and a tank top, but i'm wrapped up is a pair of her sweatpants, a hat and a few socks on my tail. my toung is really cold from typeing on this ipod, but its better tha just sitting here. nameless said to not go to sleep until she tells me or we might risk hibernation. i've never hibernated before, but it's coldet than normal here. i knwo that i'm not logged in on my acount but that's becuase i forgot my password. :) i think i'll read my book now. i brought my book i got called Dussie. It's about this girl who has a gorgon somewhere in her family tree, so when she hits puberty, she gets snake hair. it's good so far, so i'll finish it now. see ya!


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