Friday, November 14, 2008

sorry for leaving!

well, we're back after a month. An unfortunate accident on Sue's part forced us to disappear for a little while. We were going pumpkin picking. I had gotten Sue to look normal in her snowsuit, hat, mittens and scarf. she was in the wagon we brought, and the snakes were in there too(in a backpack). I had told sue that she was to not give anything away and to stay in the wagon, no matter what. a few snakes were going into hibernation, and we could see them going back into their homes. Of course, Sue just had to go see them. she jumped out of the wagon, pulled her mittens off, and ran to them. while she ran, her tail came out of her snow suit. the pumkin guy saw her scaley hands, her tail, and her fangs. He was so scared, and he took the rosary from his neck. he held it in front of him, as if it would do anything, and was aying thing like, "demons! demon children in my pumkin patch! Oh father in heaven, help me!"

I was calling Sue's name, but she just kept on running. 'Crap!' i said and took off. the whole running at 200mph didn't help the situation. by the time i got us both back to Serpent and shayde, the guy had brought out to other men, one with a gun. He yelled, "go away!" I sighed, 'if you insist' and took my sweater off, and unfurled my wings. I slung my bag on my shoulder, and tucked Sue under one arm. I jumped and flew with my front to them, holding sue behind me. they were shooting, but we all know what good that does.

i decided that staying away for a while would be best. we're home now, and we're trying to get ready for the kidnapping next month. I have enough money for a van, i just need to find one big enough. what kind of vehicle can hold ten people? well, shayde an d serpent can share a seat, but that's still nine seats needed! i need to do some research.



Salom said...

that is why i dont go around flying with small children

texi said...

Please tell me where you are at the moment or your real name. I can fly and so can you. I can find you.

The Coven said...

shut up texi no one trusts you

Anyway...that must have been excitingly horrifying. Glad you guys stayed low a little while. More glad that you are back