Sunday, September 28, 2008


sorry we haven't posted much. I've been trying to get Sue into the whole routine and we've made contact with the birds. they're going to- OH! i never told you when they left us. they left on June 25, the same day Serpent and i went to the beach. the told us to find them when we have our house.

anyway, i got talking with one of the birds in our back yard. her name was Pia and she was a homing pigeon. her home was torn down, so she had been looking for a new one. i told her she could stay here if she did something for me. I told her to find Aero's flock and to bring them here. (yeah, the leader of the flock is called Aero.) so they're coming, no matter what Serpent thinks. i have to go eat with everyone else now, bye.


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