Sunday, September 14, 2008

the fabulously freaky family of four

Well, as you may have guessed, Tsunami is here. she's pretty good. heres how it all went down.

Serpent went off to get all of the files on Sue, while Shayde and I went to get her. Shayde snuck in first, and i listened through a wall. he whispered "Tsunami! come over here!" she looks at him, squeals and yells, "SHAY! YOU COME BAWCK FOWR ME!!!" of course, everyone within a 2 mile radius heard her and they all came running. "well, our covers blown! no use being stealthy now!" and i crashed through the wall. yeah, i find crashing through walls an effective rescue tactic. Shayde gets in my back pack and I grab sue and crash through another wall. Sue's crying and everyones running after us. I crashed through a few more walls until i found Serpent. she goes in my back pack, i cover Sue with my arms, kick an eraser, then jump though the window.

Sue started crying because "scawy girwl got me an' Shay gown!" shayde came out of the backpack i little and reassured Sue. Sue starts asking all sorts of questions. heres the conversation.

"why youw gewt me?"

"we're bringing you to our house"

"who's scawy giwl?"

"Well, she's Nameless and she's not scary at all. she takes care of us and makes sure we're safe."

"like a mommy?"

"err... yeah.. like a mommy..."

" is she youwr mommy?"

"I guess so.. sort of... "

"well den ttat meawns she's my mommy too? wight?"

"ummm.... yeah.."

"Oh, tats OK den. who's de utter snakey?"

"thats Serpent. she's my Girl friend?

"is she like a sistewr?"

"I guess you could say that..."

after that conversation, she started calling me Mommy and started calling Serpent Sissy. We brought her home and she devoured a whole pizza. we then bought her two sets of clothes, diaper stuff and a pair of pajamas. she ran around the yard and the house because she wanted to see"eeeeeeeevewy thing!!". She got to bed at around 11:00 and has been asleep.

I got the job! Its a weekly magazine and i edit all the articles and pick what adds go in. Its pretty easy and i get a substantial amount of money from it. I still do my paper route every Sunday morning.

I'm makeing everyone lunch right now. the hot dogs are cooking and i think i hear Sue. yeah... i do..








I got to go, she's crying now. Bye!


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