Sunday, September 14, 2008

that kid can EAT!

Ok, ts not even supper yet and she's eaten:
-3 cans of soup
-1 loaf of bread
-2 bananas
-5 sandwiches
-4 bottles of water

its crazy! the kid is 3 ears old and she eats as much as Serpent and Shayde combined. i think i should go make a gigantic supper because

"MOOOOMMMMYY!!!! Sissy says tat we'rew havin' Spagooti!!! when it weady?"

"soon, Sue! I makeing it right now!" no i'm not. I should though..

~your lieing to my little sister already? she's been here for only 24 hours!~

well, yeah.. i'm going to make it right now...


shut it, snake boy! remember who has aposable thumbs.

any way, i have to go make supper now. Bye.


"is it weady NOOOOOOWWWW?"


Anonymous said...
go there my friend

M said...

Ha....typically my advice with little children is give them candy and they'll like you, but that sounds like a pretty bad idea with Sue.

Glad your plan worked out, hope every things going okay!

Nameless said...

I guess, i'll check that out.