Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shayde the fairy princess

This is too funny! after breakfast (a double batch of pancakes), Sue wanted to play fairy princesses! I had to work and was trying to clean out the fish pond, so Shayde had to play! Sue was butterfly flower and Shayde was sparkle unicorn! I was watching then play and it was too funny! She told him that they would be done playing when they found the Twinkle Cookie Crown (Her hat with two cookies in it) which she asked me to hide. I hid it inside and they still haven't found it yet. he's a small bit of that game:

"come awn, Spawkle Uwnicown! we gotta find da Twinkle coowkie Cwown!"

"sue, can't we just-"

"dats not my nawme!"

"*sigh* Butterfly flower, cant we just ask Nameless to give us the hat?"

"nowpe! we gotta find it!"

I guess I'll have to stop her some time... not until i make lunch though, because she'll be angry.

also, i got my first follower!!! yeah! I almost got 300 views as well! I should go make lunch....Maybe 3 sandwiches each? bye!


"hey butterfly flower! did you and sparkle unicorn find the twinkle cookie crown yet?"

"nowpe! wewre stiwll loowking!"

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Anonymous said...

lol, poor shayde, cute though