Sunday, October 5, 2008

stuff and things

well, first of all, the birds are here.The stay out side, but come in when they need to. its not that bad really, they come in at meals and things like that.

yesterday was my birthday, and the only reason we did anything was because serpent remembered (unfortunately). while i was working, the three of them went into town. they bought dinner and got me a yellow sweater(i didn't ask how). yellow's not exactly my color, but it was a nice gesture.we had swiss chalet for dinner, which was quite good.

I got a letter in the mail.... this is what it said:

Happy birthday, old friend!
I haven't see you for so long
i heard your coming to get
Hello. I hope your birthday is going well. I, unfortunately, cannot come and visit, so i decide a letter was in order.I am looking forward to seeing you and as always, willing to do anything for one of my dearest friends.See you on the Christmas holidays!

august, post 6 title, word 3

its very cryptic.  i think its from vision, but i can't be sure what 'august,post 6 title, word 3' is supposed to mean.i need to eat somehting. 


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M said...

Happy Birthday!