Tuesday, August 26, 2008


well, i googled it, and found how to make a hole. i hit it with a hammer, which was sort of fun... then i smoothed the edges out with a saw, a sanding block and some dry wall. the dry wall is drying so i was playing around with the computer. thats how my new profile picture came up. I also made pictures of Vision, Guardian, shark, Demon, Shooter, Robber, and Sue. i didn't want to show actual pictures for their privacy.
Thats Vision and Guardian. Vision is on the left.

This is Sue. just imagine her with snake eyes, a snake tail, and scales on her hands!

These are the boys. right to left: Demon, Shark, Robber, and Shooter.

well, those are them. Demon would probably have his wings tucked in, but i had to show you what kind of wings he has. If you see someone who looks like one of these people, tell me where you saw then and who was with them. thanks!


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M said...

glad everything's going alright!