Saturday, August 23, 2008

bigger house...

well, i looked at all the blog entries on Visions blog, and I'm pretty sure it's her. the only problem is, if we save her, we got to get 5 other people. There's Guardian (her best friend and protector), and four boys who are her neighbors; Shooter, Shark, Demon, and Robber. I've met all of these people and am willing to get them too. here are a few complications:
1. we'll have to unchip them all before they see us
2. we don't have enough room in our house for 6 more people
3. the youngest is 5! I've never had any experience with 5 year olds!
4. the house is not exactly built to sustain all of there skills
5. we don't have a big enough pond!(thats a HUGE issue for Shark)
6. we can't afford to feed that many people right now!

I can deal with numbers 1 and 3. as for numbers 2 and 4, i would have to dig a basement and make sure it fits all the right requirements. ! would sleep in one bed room, Serpent sleeps in another, Vision and Guardian will want to share a room, and the floor plan of the house will sustain a basement big enough for 5 boys. i think.... but then arises the problem of Shark. We'll need a huge pond or something to sustain him.

also, Shayde says that if we're going to rescue any one, it should be his sister. I didn't even know he had a sister! i guess she's a better, more human version of Shayde. She's got snake eyes, tongue, fangs, scales on her hands, and a tail, but otherwise human. she's 3, and would share a room with Serpent. I have even less experience with 3 year olds than i do 5 year olds! Her name is Tsunami, Sue for short.

jeeze, i have allot to to! I guess i'll have to make the pond bigger, first thing. then i'll need to get some wood stakes, dry wall, paint, plywood, insulation, more furniture, and some stuff to make stairs. sigh....


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M said...

My advice with small children: give them candy and they'll like you. Then you can typically turn on the tv and they won't be any bother.

My advice for food: well, if you get it from a grocery store, sometimes they'll sell things that are just a day or two past the sell-by date (and still good) really cheap.

Um, I don't really have much building experience, but I do know that if you're building a man-made pond you need to line it with heavy plastic or something or all the water will leak out. And you should probably put it in a shady spot.

Hope this helps!