Sunday, August 24, 2008


well, i did the pond and its REALLY big! it takes up about half an acre and has cement, then dirt on the bottom. its about 10 ft deep and i put all the fish in it. we filled it with water from a stream in the back. we fit a hose onto one part so most of the water came straight to our pond. it's pretty clear and i think Shark would like it.

i started with the basement. i've built the frame for the walls and am waiting for the cement on the floor to dry right now. we've been watching home improvement shows to make sure we're doing all this right! so far we think so....

Serpents batter and eating. she's just kind of soar. She's been looking for furniture online and has picked out beds for Vision, Guardian, and Sue. She's really happy that She get to share a room with Sue and is very exited! she's always been the youngest and now she'll have 3 little brothers and a little sister.

for school, i think Serpent and Shayde are going to school with Vision and Demon, because they will be in the grades they'll supposed to be in. I'm changing my story and Serpent can make everyone believe it. 'it understandable and i believe it!' thoughts will be present. i will be playing the mom card and i have adopted all of theses children out of the goodness of my heart.

here is the order of saving;


on our first raid, we're getting Vision, Guardian and Sue. We'll leave Sue and Vision at the house with Shayde and Serpent, then go get the boys. we'll need enough people to take everyone back. I'll get Guardian, and Shark, and Demon gets Shooter and Robber. I'm carrying the heaviest, and am planning to have Shooter on my back, while carrying Guardian. I need Guardian because she's almost as strong as me and will be able to help me get them all unchiped.

I need to go and plan some more. Serpent also needs my consultant on furniture. and evryone needs lunch. bye..

Stressed Nameless


M said...

If there's anything I can do to help let me know, but it sounds like you're doing great! I'm glad Serpent is feeling better and I wish you luck on your raids!

Anonymous said...

good luck!