Sunday, August 17, 2008

home again home again, jiggity jigg

we're back and we solved the problem!!!!!!!!!! i'm really honoured that you guys were worried about us, but we're fine now. heres how t all went down.

we chased the signal all over the world, right? we flew over england, USA, Brazil, Russia and china! we stopped a few times in Antarctica, but not for long! way too cold, don't go there. it was literally everywhere. one time it stopped somewhere in Montana, and we tracked it to this house. It was abandoned at one point, but someone was living there now. we searched the house and guess what we found! printouts of our blog, maps of places we've been, pictures of us, our records from itex, people we've spoken to, plane tickets from everywhere we've ever been and a huge map that was tracking our moments. the took everything we said on our blogs and we're tracking our every move with that info! we found the laptop the emails we're coming from and guess who owned it! one of the loser scientists who created us! apparently, he was fired because i got away and now he wants revenge!

we waited for him to come back and BAM! we got him! he was all like " i did nothing! this is not mine! please do not hurt me! it was not my fault!" eventually, we got some information out of him(okey, we threatened it out of him, but what does that matter?)! some Chinese minister of defense type-guy was willing to BUY me as security for the Olympics!no one sells me to the Olympics! i was really mad so i put him in a boat and dropped him in the middle of the ocean with a VERY bad case of amnesia! Serpent was more than happy to dispose of the laptop and everything that had to do with us in the house. we took a little trip to china and found the guy who wanted to bu me. Shayde was very busy bullying the Chinese guy. no more minister of chinese Olympic defense. just like that.

we decided to make the best of our stay in Bejing and saw a day of the Olympics!I know I'm Canadian and all, but that Micheal Phelps guy is the coolest thing ever. we saw him swim from the air and that guy is pretty fast for a human! don't worry, no one saw us!they were all watching Phelps, not some mutant freaks on the bottom of a helicopter! anyway, it ended up being pretty fun, minus the whole selling me to the Olympics thing. i bet it wouldn't have been that bad though.... if I got special passes and stuff to the games!

so alls well that ends well and i am very tired. its also not that great listening to Serpent and Shayde's commentary of the events we saw. here is an excerpt:
Shayde: it was so cool! he was all fish and stuff, when he did that flip thing when he turned and stuff!
Serpent: yeah! he was all WOOSH and 'get out of the way, slow swimmers!'
Shayde: and that guy on those ring things! he was all 'flip flip flip and turn and jump and flip and dismount!
serpent: yeah and that girl on that funky bar thinger! she was like 'round and round and round and jump and round and let go and flipsy spin and round and round and jump off!

yeah, thats about it. you try listening to that! its was absolutely horrible when that guy won by a finger nail!they were arguing an it turned into a physical battle witch morphed into some sort of snake hugging. i just walked away and didn't say anything. i think i'll sleep or shower or something.bye...


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