Friday, August 22, 2008

how can Vision be alive?

Shayde thinks he found Vision! you may not know who vision is, but most experiments in the branches we've been in do! She was one of the most successful experiments with out animal dna and i guess you could call her my only friend before i broke out. She sees thing others can't. if she saw me, she would see my personality, my past, my relationships, everything i ever thought, EVERYTHING! if she saw a locked door, she would see the inner workings of it, how to unlock it, who had ever touched it, who made it, how it was made, EVERYTHING!

anyway, we were partnered up tons of times and had crates next to each other after my coma. the week before i was sent fro termination, she was sent away. she was being adopted, so the scientists could see if interaction with normal people would heighten her abilities. Shayde found a blog and it sounds just like her. the pictures she shows are right and her best friend is the right person! if i am correct, her best friends real name is Guardian and was adopted too to become Visions body gaurd. more details later. doing some detective work. Serpent is still sick.


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M said...

Glad to here that you and Shayde are okay, hope Serpent gets better soon, and hope you find your friend!