Wednesday, February 4, 2009

vision's POV

hellooo everyone! I, Vision, have successfully survived the first 5 days of high school! i got to pick my classes because this was the second semester. just give them a few fake report cards and a talk with "mom" and suddenly i passed grade nine academic geography, religion, french, and tech! now i have gym, English, math and science. hear this, my school is so big that we have 3 lunches! i'm the only one aloud to take gym because:
a) i am not abnormally strong, or fast
b)i do not have wings
c)physically, i am complety normal

actually, at school, i am not vision. we got to pick our names to an extent, so i am Isabella Johanna Rider! I tell people to call me Izzy because that is a very cool name, doncha think? I do! i don't like homework though, no matter how cool me new name is. it is very boring. i only do some becuase i don't like soing the same thing over andover again, and some of the answers are at the back of the book.

outside of school, nameless is getting some extra money to buy some extra stuff! we each got a certain amount of money and then we all went shopping for clothes. me, Guardian, and Serpent went togethor, demon, Shayde and shark went togethor, and Nameless took the little kids. she also baught us all ipods! not real ipods, just the little shuffles, but still! the younger kids got some toys and books, and the bigger kids got some baord games and books. life is good!! well, i have to get off now because evryone else wants a turn and it's going to be supper soon! bye!

AKA, Isabella johanna Rider
AAKA, Izzy

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