Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Demon's POV

um.. hi. I'm demon. I was told that everyone has to do one of these things so here i go. I was made to protect Vision, like Guardian. I'm like Guardian but not as good at fighting, less aggressive and i have wings. they're like bat wings, so they are more like having another set of arms. i can manipulate them better and hold stuff with them, but they aren't as strong or as fast as Nameless. We had to get new names for school and i let vision pick mine. i didn't really care, as long as it wasn't Angel or Tristan like she picked first. I'm pretty good with stuff like that, but my name will not be angel or Tristan. She settled on Jackson Wyatt Rider. Guardian said that i should tell people not to call me jack because she had a bad experience with someone named jack.

Class wise, i have tech, English, science and math. Nameless made my schedule in that order because it would seem weird if we all had the same classes. i couldn't take gym because the gym uniform wouldn't hide my wings, and I'm allot stronger than a normal guy my age. i hang out with a few guys i have classes with, but i mainly hang out with Vision and Guardian.

nameless got us ipods and books and thing, and let us get some extra clothes, so that's good. i think i have to go now because it's supper time now and if i don't get there soon, it'll all be gone.


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