Friday, February 6, 2009

robber's POV

hi, im Robber and i really don't like school. i have to stay the same all the time and i cant change how i look allot. only when im at home. i cant even have my name at school. i have to be Robert david Rider. but people call me rob and thats kind of like a short type of robber, so its not as bad. i look normal though when i want to and Nameless got me an ipod shuffle so i look even more normal. i can't be really normal becuase i dont show up in photos. thats part of my powers. i can't show up clearly on any type of camera, so it comes out as a smudge. but i only have to get my picture take once for school for the year book thing and if its smudgy they wont put it in. i feel really normal when i get reses and i eat with some of my freinds at lunch. i'm good at my homework too. Vision says that i can't go tot eh next grade if i don't do my homework well so i do it evry night and get demon to check it. i have to go becuase i am really hungry and i want a snack. bye.


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