Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guardian's POV

hey, I'm Guardian. i was told that i was supposed to tell you about school and stuff. lets see, my name is Guardian, but on my school record it says that my name is Makayla Elizabeth Rider. I just like Mack though. I guess i should tell you a bit about me. i was made to protect Vision, she was my top priority since she was born. she wasn't much when it comes to attack and defense, so i got every thing she didn't. I'm strong, fast, good at fighting, smart, and i try to be with her as much as possible. I know that i don't have to do that now, but it's my life style, hobby, habit, passion. physically, I'm probably second to no one but nameless. my partner is demon, as he was created for the same purpose. him, Vision and I are a package deal.

i tried to take all the same classes as vision, but it's better for our cover if i don't have gym. when she has gym, i have art, and then were together for the rest of the day. "mom" made sure that we got the classes she thought we needed most, and the ones we wanted. she insisted on math and English, and vision insisted science. Vision has already made friends with absolutly everyone, and i just hang out with whoever she hangs out with. homework sucks, so i don't do it. i only do art homework, because it's fun.

i guess nameless has gotten more money or something, because we got ipods, books, and we got to go clothes shopping. me, Vision, and Serpent went off and it was good. Visions says that everyone else needs a turn so I'll wrap this up now.


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