Saturday, January 17, 2009

cold, col, school, chilly, cold, cold, school, chilly, cold

as you can see, I'm really cold. it is -23 c out side and inside, it is 10 c. i have hat and mittens on and so does everyone else. well, except nameless, who wouldn't feel cold, ever. she shoveled the drive way today in shorts and a t shirt! everyone is doing different thing to keep them warm though. shark has been sitting it the bath for over an hour (in his clothes), shooter and sue have made some sort of nest in one of the closets and have been in there all morning, robber has made himself into this cat-type-thing and is sitting on a vent, guardian, demon and i have been organizing school bags while wearing 4 layers of clothes, and nameless has not been affected by the weather at all. the snakes are are sleeping, which is what they do most of the time.

i think its time for another round of hot cocoa. Nameless, Guardian, Demon and i have been taking turns making it all week. its my turn and nameless needs to do some work, so... bye!

a very cold Vision

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