Monday, October 13, 2008


hello, and welcome to cooking with Nameless. that's right! today i will be making a traditional thanksgiving dinner!Turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, plum pudding, roasted squash, and we're even having a cornucopia. we're going to get some pumpkins to put on our front porch.

Serpent and Shayde are going to have to stay in the bag, and I'm going to have to cover Sue up a little. you know, must 3 year olds don't have scaly hands, and a tail. but she won't have a problem with that! anything to be able to wear her new winter coat, mittens, hat and snow pants!

in other news, my blog has over 400 views! thats pretty good, i think. i'm going grocery shopping before everyone wakes up.bye!


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M said...

Good luck! If I tried to make a Thanksgiving dinner, I would burn my home down.