Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sorry, unbelievably busy

I'm really sorry for not posting for over a month! We've just been so busy! I've had to pretend to be a mom for a bit and it is seriously stressful. Every time someone gets into a fight, or their grades go down, or their teachers are concerned about something, I have to put on my 'mom' charade and go to talk to the teachers. You would think that going through The School would make this easier, but it's made those kids so... so... weird. Vision accidentally finds things out about people that she isn't supposed to know, Guardian has the shortest temper known to man, Demon has been getting bad grades, Shark's teachers think that he has some super dehydration thing, Robber turns out to be super shy, shooter nearly killed someone, and Sue's being teased because she wears really baggy clothes all the time. Here's details:
Vision keeps answering some peoples thoughts instead of their words. this freaks people out.
Guardian will grind anyone to a pulp if they say something she doesn't like.
Demon has trouble staying focused in class and is getting grades in the high 50's.
Shark has to leave class allot to chug 2 litre bottles of water so he can prevent drying out during school.
Robber hasn't really made that many freinds.
Shooter is still not aware of his own strength and he was playing tag. you can figuer out what happened.
Sue has to wear realy baggy clothes so no one sees her tail or scaly hands. Kids think that she is really fat under her baggy clothes and she gets teased.

sigh... I have to go now. Guardian is at school becuase she had boxing (the gym teacher thinks it helps minimize her temper. It doesn't.) and then she had to do detention. Demon is at school gettign help with his Math homework. on mondays and wednesdays, he gets math help. on tuesdays and thrusdays, he gets english help, and on friday he has nothing.

once i pick those two up, i have to finish supper,so bye!


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